Aside from living for three years in both England and Texas, I was raised in Kentucky. My childhood was spent outdoors catching fireflies, wandering to the creek, and watching the starry, night sky. Once inside, however, I read, spending many hot, humid afternoons or icy evenings engrossed in my books. I also wrote, filling pages with rambling thoughts or short stories.

After attending the University of Kentucky, I ventured to California, completing my education with an AA degree from College of Marin, a BA degree from San Francisco State University, and an MA and two teaching credentials from Sonoma State University. Teaching became my profession and my lifestyle. I loved it, and although I am connected still with many, former students, writing is now my focus.

I have raised two wonderful sons and reside with my husband in Sonoma County, California. Besides writing, I read avidly, garden, enjoy my three grandchildren, and walk my German Shepherd and Chocolate Lab/Britney three miles a day. I dote on my one-eyed cat and enjoy tending the family's pond full of koi.

My life itself has provided me with seemingly unlimited material for my writing. I write every day...something! I have a blog entitled I Street Imaginings that can be reached through Blogspot.com. I also have a professional Facebook page, I Street Books And Such where I share news about my books, my blogs, and other tidbits that I find interesting to post there. I also can be found on LinkedIn. I am most interested in connecting with professionals who share my interests.

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